A Connection Recollection

Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

One of my stepdaughters recently got engaged and amid all the excitement, all the talk of dates and venues and guest lists, I felt a compulsion to dig out my old wedding planning binder.

Your guess is probably as good as mine for why I’ve kept it. Like the wedding photos themselves, it could be that it simply serves as a reminder of a precious moment in time. Or it could be that some part of me is convinced that someday someone may find it useful. (I do have a vague recollection of loaning it to a friend of mine.) But more likely, it is just one of those things that, by virtue of nostalgia, never quite makes it into the purge pile.

Regardless of the reason for its continued presence on my storage shelf, as I randomly rifled through its contents, I was hit with fond memories of my own experience with dresses and décor and DJs. There was the contract for the reception hall. There were our song selections for the first few dances. There was a thank you note from the bridal consultant who sold me my wedding gown.

It was that last one that stopped me in my tracks. I took in the woman’s words, realizing that although my memory of that day and her presence in it had become fuzzy, her penmanship and signature had since become familiar. For it was about fifteen years later when the woman who helped me find my dress would become the very same one who, as my life/business coach, helped me to find myself.

I took a picture of the note, sent it to her immediately, and proceeded to ponder the numerous things that had to transpire in order for us to meet again. The conversations, the decisions, the life-altering events. I wondered how many others I might have crossed paths with at some earlier point in time who are now important fixtures in my life. I thought about the purpose and why this happens.

The answers to such questions are, of course, beyond the scope of our human understanding, but it seems we are given these little snippets of knowledge for a reason. Maybe as examples of how big the world is, yet how very, very small. Maybe as evidence of God’s timing. Or perhaps they are simply reminders that we are all connected.

So let’s remember to embrace the gift of these precious connections. Let’s remember that each seemingly random encounter—whether virtual or in person—has the potential to someday become more meaningful, more significant, and more profoundly impactful than we could have ever imagined.

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