The Birth of a Blog Post

A friend of mine recently asked me how I decide what to blog about, whether I keep a running list of ideas or just fly by the seat of my pants, and the short answer is that I tend to do a little of both. I do have a spreadsheet of possible topics, but I also rely on day-to-day experiences to provide a certain amount of inspiration. [See: Break Out of the Familiar and It’s Your Call].

Sometimes, though, my creativity is lacking and I find difficulty both in tying a recent event to a pertinent message and building a complete post from an incomplete brainstorming snippet. In these instances, I do what any writer would do: I procrastinate.

Last week had, in fact, been such an occasion and in the time I had set aside to write this blog post I managed to:

  • Take a break for lunch
  • Clean up my lunch dishes
  • Take the dog for a walk
  • Balance the checkbook
  • Flip through a magazine
  • Complete a crossword puzzle
  • Pray
  • Listen to some uplifting music
  • Read through a letter from a friend

I don’t generally consider procrastination to be a useful route to accomplishment, but in this case, it was. Stepping away from the task at hand to do something completely unrelated did indeed spur my motivation, because the letter I read happened to be from the very friend who asked about my blog-writing process. Thus, the idea for this post was born.

What about you? Have you ever experienced procrastination as a handy tool rather than a time waster? What are some of your go-to procrastination activities?

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