The Rainbow of Goal Realization – A Recap

A couple months ago, while brainstorming my next blog series, my husband offered a suggestion. “Maybe you could do something using the colors of the rainbow,” he said. I loved the idea and immediately set to work turning the Roy G. Biv acronym into something related to self-growth. Thus, The Rainbow of Goal Realization was born.

After that, the real work began, because although I had a title, I wasn’t entirely certain of the pathway from desire to triumph. I might have had a few successes of late, but for the most part, I’ve spent a lot more time uncovering avenues that lead away from achievement rather than toward it.

But as I sat with the idea a little longer, as I thought about what it took to go the distance and see a goal through to fruition, the words and steps seemed to fall into place: Reason. Organization. Yes! Go! Become. Inspire. Victory.

What I didn’t realize until hindsight gifted me with a clearer perspective, though, was that as I developed this blog series and encouraged you to take these steps, I was actually taking them right along with you.

Although my ultimate goal is to traditionally publish my novel and my reason for doing so is because “words are important to me and by sharing mine I hope to add joy and inspiration to the lives of those who read them,” there are numerous, smaller objectives that have propelled me forward in my journey.

A few of those stepping stone goals have included building an online presence through social media platforms and a website/blog, finishing my novel manuscript, getting beta reader feedback, and researching and querying literary agents.

But there are two other goals that I’ve had in my procrastinating back pocket for over half a year—doing consistent LIVE Facebook videos and creating a newsletter. And as I made my way through each color of the rainbow, I also began organizing and saying Yes! and getting going on these goals, until one day I arrived at the last one: V-I-C-T-O-R-Y.

I did my first Facebook LIVE video last week and my second yesterday, and the forms to sign up for my new author newsletter went live on my website in late February. (By the way, if you haven’t yet subscribed, pop over to the home page, fill out the form, and the first edition will arrive in your inbox mid-March.)

My point is this: I’m not just the author of this blog series, I’m a tried and true representative of its effectiveness. The Rainbow of Goal Realization actual works. Accomplishing a goal by following these steps is not just possible, it’s probable. The caveat: we must be purposeful in order to make it happen.

We have to take the steps. We have to know our Reason and get Organized and commit to saying Yes! and motivate ourselves to Go! and Become and Inspire and then, THEN, comes Victory. Then comes the celebration. Then comes the pride of accomplishment, the recognition of growth, and the increase in confidence.

You can do it, dear friend. You can take that first step. I believe in you. And I am right here with you.

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