The Rainbow of Goal Realization: Go!

Now that we have defined our reason and created a mission statement for our goal—basically a reminder of what we want to do, why we want to do it, and what we hope to gain—and gotten ourselves organized and committed to saying YES! to our goal, it’s time to get moving.

If you haven’t done so already, go ahead and put your in-place plan into practice. Start today if you can. Don’t fool yourself into believing there will be a better, less busy day when you will have more time and more energy. I dare say that such a day does not exist. And neither do realized goals unless we somehow make them happen.

We can ponder and plan and visualize all day, every day. That’s the easy part. But it’s uncovering that determination and daring to step out of our comfortable routines, that is key to seeing forward progress. Unfortunately, this may also be the most difficult step in The Rainbow of Goal Realization. That’s why starting with our reason, our mission statement, is so important.

That mission statement encapsulates all of the initial hope and energy and motivation that comes so naturally in the early stages. It’s what lights our fire to get us going and it will help keep that fire lit when things get tough. And you can almost guarantee they will. If accomplishing this goal was simple, you’d have done it already.

So keep that mission statement handy and refer to it as often as is necessary to stay encouraged. Here are a few other suggestions to keep you going:

  1. Don’t go it alone. Although it is absolutely possible to realize a goal all on your own, doing it in community is way more fun. So get some accountability from a friend, or a group of friends, or that friend of a friend who you’ve heard has a goal similar to yours. Surround yourself with cheerleaders who will pick you up (and whom you can lift up) when/if you fall down.
  2. Reward yourself for each triumph. Celebrating every smaller stepping stone that you reach on the way to your ultimate goal is a huge momentum booster. This is a great way to acknowledge progress and remind yourself of both where you’ve been and how far you’ve come.
  3. Adjust to interruptions but don’t let them snowball. Don’t beat yourself up when the unexpected happens and throws you off track for a day or two. But allow that day or two to turn into a week or two and you’ll likely find yourself back at square one a month or even a year down the road. Instead, when life gets in the way, adjust your plan, amend your smaller goals if you have to, but get back on track as soon as you can and, if possible, pick up right where you left off.

I hate to sound morbid, but this is the only life we get. We are not promised another tomorrow or another week or another year. We can only be sure of the current moment. Right now. And right now is the perfect time to get started on realizing our goals.

So get ready, get set, and get going!

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