The Rainbow of Goal Realization: Inspire

Have you ever been inspired by another person? Maybe it’s a story you’ve heard about someone who has overcome a struggle or hardship. Or a friend or family member with the courage and determination to do that thing she’s always wanted to do. Or perhaps it’s someone who simply has an infectious spirit or zest for life. Someone with those qualities that you have yearned to see in yourself.

Chances are good you’ve said yes. That at some moment (or even several moments) in your life, you have felt a little tug after spending time with that certain person. Or you’ve heard from that tiny voice in the back of your mind after witnessing someone reach for and accomplish a challenging feat.

You can be like that, the voice reminds you. You, too, can do that thing that’s been on your heart to do. And maybe their story even fills you with enough confidence to spur you into action. Because that’s how inspiration works, right? That’s the point. To share the experience and wisdom we’ve gained through our own trials and challenges so others can learn from them too.

I believe it’s part of our calling as human beings. To love and serve and give to each other. To help each other develop and improve skills and grow into better versions of ourselves and just live our best possible lives. And serving as inspiration plays a big role in that. It also plays a big role in our own goals and that’s why Inspire is the next step in The Rainbow of Goal Realization.

Now if you’re asking yourself, “What’s the point? What do I know?” I get it. I have been filled with similar fears and doubts every step along this writing journey. From starting an author Facebook page even before my manuscript was finished to starting this blog.

The internet is already saturated with so much information that I ask myself often what I have to offer. And every time that doubt starts to get the upper hand, I remember something my husband said to me back in September of 2018, a week before I was set to launch that Facebook page.

He said, “Even if something you post only ever resonates with one person, but you never get to know about it, would that be enough?” My answer is the same now as it was then. Yes. The mere possibility of encouraging even one person is enough to keep showing up, to keep opening up, to keep lifting up as much as I can.

Not convinced? Here are a couple more reasons why inspiring others also helps us to reach our own goals:

  1. Reinforcement of good habits. Sharing our successes not only offers others some tried and true footsteps to follow in, but it also helps to bolster the daily practices we’ve found useful in our own pursuits. Think of it as a kind of accountability. After I started blogging about the obstacles I’ve encountered in writing my novel and the steps I needed to take to overcome them, I became less likely to fall back into those old, unhelpful patterns. Having voiced my struggles, it was much easier to see them for what they were and avoid getting repeatedly snagged in the same traps.
  2. New connections equal new growth opportunities. When we share our best practices with others, they are more likely to share theirs with us, and if we can remain open-minded enough, we can simultaneously learn more about them and ourselves. For example, although it is possible to write a book without any outside feedback, it’s probably unlikely to be the best that it can be. When we are really close to our goal—when we take ownership of it and it becomes a part of who we are—it’s difficult to see where our process might benefit from a few tweaks. But being open to receiving another perspective means garnering wisdom that we may not otherwise acquire on our own.

Now, as you prepare to take this next step toward realizing your goal, I encourage you to think about how you might inspire others. Is there a part of your journey that might resonate with your neighbor? Or maybe you have a certain gift or talent that would be beneficial to a local nonprofit. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to share it. Choosing to uplift and cheer for others creates movement that eventually completes a full circle and it won’t be long before you notice that your efforts to inspire have left you feeling, well, inspired.

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