The Rainbow of Goal Realization: Victory


I can’t see that word, spelled out in this manner, without hearing the battle cry from my grade school days. But what does victory really mean? What does it look like? Is it defeating an adversary to win the game? Is it crossing the finish line ahead of your own PR? Or maybe it’s simply overcoming an obstacle to reach a goal.

Chances are good victory has meant something different to all of us at different seasons in our lives. But however you define it, when it comes to the seventh and final step in The Rainbow of Goal Realization, specificity is key.

That’s why it’s important to start at the beginning, developing a full understanding of our reason for wanting to achieve this goal, and then getting organized by dividing it into smaller stepping stones.

But unless we have a clear picture of what each of those steps looks like as well as a precise vision of our final destination, it’s difficult to know when we’ve arrived and even more difficult to know when to celebrate.

And celebration is an essential part of victory. It’s how we show genuine appreciation to ourselves and others for a job well done. It’s how we build motivation and encouragement (again, for ourselves and others), recognize growth, and stimulate confidence and determination.

The best part is we get to establish our own definition of victory. We get to set the terms. And it doesn’t have to (nor should it) resemble anyone else’s version.

So spell out what victory looks like to you. And every single time you achieve it, I encourage you to do a victory dance, shout that victory cheer, and celebrate. Celebrate your win like there’s no tomorrow.

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