The Rainbow of Goal Realization: Yes!

In any given day, we make hundreds, maybe thousands, of decisions. We say “yes” to everything from showing up for work to taking on a new project to staying up late (or getting up early) in order to finish something that needs to be done. It is that same decision-making ability, that same determination, that same will to say YES! that is a necessary part of reaching a goal.

Last week, we talked organization, the second step in The Rainbow of Goal Realization. We broke our goal into smaller, more manageable pieces. We took an honest look at our calendars and set some deadlines. We considered our time, envisioned our pathway, and planned our route. Today we’re going to take that one step further.

Although this is the third step in the process, it really goes hand in hand with organization. All the strategizing and scheduling and organizing in the world won’t produce progress on a goal unless we commit to saying YES! to that goal.

It’s saying, “YES! I can do this.” “YES! I want to do this.” “YES! I will do this.” It’s saying YES! to showing up when we’re motivated to move and even more so on those days when we’re really not feeling it. It’s continuing to say YES! when results take longer than we hoped, when we run into obstacles, when we hit a plateau.

Of course making time for and saying YES! to this new thing may also mean saying no or not right now to an old thing. It may mean learning a different routine, changing some habits, retraining a mindset. That’s one of the hardest parts of striving for goals, but it’s also one of the biggest benefits because it forces us out of our comfort zone and into a place of growth.

The length of time between the day I said I wanted to write a novel and the day I finally said I have written one was way longer than it needed to be. It took me years because in the first many months, I wasn’t saying YES! to that goal. It was something I truly wanted to accomplish and something that, for the most part, I thought I was capable of doing. But in those early days and months and years, my YES! was more of a maybe. Or whenever I get around to it. Or someday when I don’t have other things vying for my time.

But guess what? Those whenevers and somedays don’t happen unless we consistently say YES! to making them happen. So if you want to realize your goal. If you want to see growth and change and movement in your life, then just say YES!

In my last series, The ABCs of a Purposeful WIP, I started using the phrase progress is possible. And I believe more than ever that that’s true. Progress IS possible, but we must be purposeful, we must say YES! to make it happen.

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