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About a year ago, I started writing weekly posts on Facebook that I dubbed Write Way Wednesdays. These were simple, bulleted lists meant to keep my family and friends up-to-date on my novel-writing progress, but eventually, they morphed into more.

Write Way Wednesdays were named as such because it was through writing that I finally found my way. I found my way through the fear and doubt and resistance that not only kept me from making progress on my novel, but also kept me feeling just generally stuck in my life, too.

I often felt alone in this. I’d see other people doing the things I wanted to do—fearlessly chasing down dreams, knocking out goal after goal after goal, successfully writing and selling books—and I’d feel so behind and inferior and incapable.

But then by a series of fortunate events, I managed to forge some connections with others through personal growth workshops and online communities and social media groups, and I began to realize that there were others a lot like me. Those who repeatedly find themselves trapped by self-induced sabotage and confidence-shaking doubt and growth-stunting fear. And I wondered if by opening up about my experience and sharing what I’ve learned, I might be able to help even one person who has struggled to move forward as I had.

So that’s when Write Way Wednesdays became both an avenue for those writing updates and also a platform for offering encouragement, not only to writers, but to anyone with a goal, a dream, or an aspiration that has thus far felt unattainable. That’s also when those simple written posts turned into more involved videos—an uncomfortable but necessary step in my own growth process—and then, most recently, into Facebook Live videos.

I share all this here now for two reasons:

  1. To show that growth—real growth with permanent staying power—requires taking a lot of small steps. It was always my intent to do Write Way Wednesdays as Live videos. I talked about this idea with a good friend of mine last winter, but it took several months of continuing to write the posts before I graduated to recorded videos. And it took several more months (eight, to be exact) before I found the nerve to sit in front of a camera in real time. The point is progress from written posts to Live videos was a giant leap for me, but within that giant leap there were a number of smaller steps, many of which I didn’t even realize were moving me forward until I looked back. Which brings me to my second reason for sharing this now, and that is hope.
  2. It is my hope that these Write Way Wednesday videos will act as one of those smaller steps for you. That by opening a genuine dialogue centered on growth and goals and the struggles and successes involved in both, we can encourage and inspire each other. In that vein, I’m changing things up just a bit. Whereas previously, I approached these videos with fully scripted ideas, I now would like to focus more on you. What have you learned on your journey? What goals are you reaching for? What successful steps are you celebrating? What obstacles have you encountered? My vision is to make these live discussions as open and welcoming as possible, so that we might all find the support and confidence we need to take that next step on our own path.

So join me on Facebook* every Wednesday at noon (CT) with your questions, your stories, your experiences and wisdom. And be sure to invite your friends, because life is simply made more beautiful through community.

*If you’re not on Facebook or you prefer to read versus watch videos, I will post a Write Way Wednesday recap here every Thursday morning, where you are welcome to share any thoughts, questions, or suggested discussion topics in the comments section.

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    1. Thank you, Teresa! I hope you’ll join me . . . if you’re not on Facebook, you can share your thoughts, questions, experiences, etc. right here in the comments. I sincerely appreciate you continuing to read the blog!

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